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New for 2015

The World’s Best and Most Proven Cloud Service (Internet-Based) System for Monitoring and Controlling your Bin Site Temperatures

CheckItNow's Cloud Service allows you to monitor your temperature and control your fans for each of your grain bin storage sites using your Smartphone or personal computer through the Internet. You will receive real-time alerts on your Smartphone (text message) or personal computer (email) whenever the temperature falls outside of the thresholds you set. Whether you are deploying a single storage bin or thousands across multiple sites, CheckItNow provides the agility and scalability to meet your demands. CheckItNow Cloud Service allows you to take ownership of your information. Allowing for an easier, more effective and affordable way to protect your most valuable asset!

Replace your hand held device with wireless

Interface to OPI integris® Series StorMax cables (Digital)photo of digital female plug

Remote Wireless Device (RD-CELLULAR)

Thermo Couple RTD

Interface to Tri-State® or or Boone thermocouple type T temperature cables

Remote Wireless Device (RD-TC)

On Line Control

Add fan control to your system

Learn more about (RD-SSR)

Wireless Enabled

Every CheckItNow RD-CELLULAR is network (wireless) enabled, which means you can install additional units wherever you need to extend coverage. This allows you to extend your network to the furthest reaches of your bin sites cable-free.

Revolutionary Low Price! How Does Pricing Work and What is Included?

CheckItNow system is a fraction of the cost of other available systems. The CheckItNow system includes hardware (temperature probes and RD-CELLULAR Unit) and our Cloud (internet-based) Service. Hardware and software were designed together from the ground up, which allows us to provide the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace today. Each site will be scoped out to determine the hardware needed to monitor your bin sites. If you would like a pricing estimate specific to your site please contact us at (701) 352-4696

Sun, Rain or Snow the System will Perform in any Location or Climate

RD-CELLULAR makes it easy to get coverage exactly where you need it. RD-CELLULAR is designed specifically for harsh environments and will operate from -40°F to +185°F

Flexible Power Options

Powering your network has never been easier.  RD-CELLULAR runs on battery and lasts approximately 10yrs at 2 tx/day. You can also add AC power with RD-SSR Unit that will provide you backup power for approximately 25yrs at 2tx/day. No other system on the market comes close to this efficiency.

Trusted Everywhere

The CheckItNow System is used by thousands of customer bin sites around the US every day. From hometown farms to neighborhood coops to large corporations, you'll find the CheckItNow System being used across the US.

Proudly Made in the USA

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