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Our Unique Puck Mound

This will connect with our extension cable and then the B2B

We will need to know the Height of the Peak, Height of the Eave, and the Bin Diameter.

  • SKU :C24S6-S

    SKU :C28S7-S

    SKU :C32S8-S

    SKU :C36S9-S

    SKU :C40S10-S

    SKU :C44S11-S

    Where C=cable length S=number of sensors (-S=single or -D=dual connections)

Cable Connections

  • -S Single Connector
  • -D Dual Connector

Cable Lengths

  • 16 ft to 116ft
  • Sensors every 4 ft
Title Info
Length 16 feet to 116 feet
Sensor Every 4 feet
Mount Our Unique Puck Design
Temperature: -40°F to 185°F
Hole Size: 1-3/8"
Warranty: Five Years

Proudly Made in the USA