Frequently asked question

How can I get a Hand Held instead of the Cloud?

We are delivering real value and setting the new standard for our customers.

We started by eliminating the hand controllers using the Internet and allowing our customers to receive real-time temperature reading through their smart-phones or computers. This keeps the cost low.

Why the annual fee?

We have an annual fee that covers the cellular and website expenses.

Lifetime Warranty?

We are the First company to provide a Lifetime Warranty to our customers. If any part of our system fails it will be replaced by us at no cost to you.

TemperCables Five Year Warranty

Are the TemperCables Warrantied for Life?
The TemperCables are Warrantied for Five Years.
Cellular Wireless?

We are the First to provide Cellular web-based remote control of your bin site.

The competition is just starting to experiment with this technology as our system has been operational since 2010.


We no longer are using the 2.4GHz WiFi as a means of getting the temperature reading to the cloud

We found that the WiFi is a 300 foot signal and was very difficult to setup at bin sites.

Why is fan control using cellular?

We are able to establish a two way connection that is fast and reliable

How many temperature sensor can the B2B handle?

The stander B2B has three inputs that can handle up to 512 sensor per input

I have the OPI blue cables with two pin connection (integris cable) can I use CheckItNow ?


Just plug it in and your up and running. We will have to do a cable calibration to discover the correct location.

How many bins can I monitor?

We have no limit (currently we can do 999,999 bins).

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