How Our System Works

Our system will allow you to monitor and control your bins/sites through the Internet using your smartphone or computer. In addition, you can set alarms and notifications that are sent to you through email or text message warning you of danger. Lastly, you can see temperature trends in each of your bins eliminating hot spots before they happen. We have proven there is a simpler, faster, smarter way to monitor and control your bins/sites through our hundreds of happy customers.

Annual Fee

This covers the Cellular access, Web page development and Web Server monthly cost, this also covers all lifetime upgrades.

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

The system will monitor and control your bins regardless of the location, time, or placement.

Reliable and Proven Service You Can Count On:

Hundreds of happy customers who trust and rely on our service to monitor and control their bins.

Set Real-Time Alarms and Notifications

You can set the high/low set point temperature alarms and receive notice via email or text messaging to warn you of any danger.

System Tailored to Your Specific Needs

System is designed to meet your unique and individual needs.

No Bin/Site Limitations or Restrictions

No limitations on the amount of bins or sites that can be monitored. Unlimited

Always Upgraded to the Latest Technology

Devices are automatically updated to provide the latest monitoring technology with a lifetime warranty.

Bin and Site Historical Reporting

You can access historical temperature values to see trends across bins and sites.

Superior Quality & Value

Diverse knowledge of technical and automation service as well as consulting for your individual needs.


We are here to design a system for your site setup

No Pressure Quote

No limitations on the amount of bins or sites that can be monitored.

We will set you up with your own private access to your on-line data.

You also have the ability to have an unlimited number of users that can access your on-line data.

Call any time 24/7 and a support person will always answer your call (701) 352-4696

We Value all of our Customers for Life!

Proudly Made in the USA